A project about education for sustainable development & didactical guidelines for teachers and parents!

Mission & Approach

Digital Destiny wants to provide a digital platform for teachers, parents and pupils that integrates sustainable development educational goals, participatory learning and digital storytelling for a holistic and democratic approach in education through blended learning.

By combining a sustainable education pedagogical method with participatory learning methods (including design thinking) and digital storytelling, Digital Destiny will develop a new pedagogical approach that brings democratic education to the forefront and is suitable for a blended learning approach for young learners. In addition, Digital Destiny will offer professional development training materials and education tools to be used to support blended learning environments for children 6-10 years old.


Democratic learning environments are exceptionally well supported through participatory learning methods and design thinking in that it requires the input of everyone involved and supports and encourages divergent thinking about an issue facing the community. Through the design thinking process creative responses and solutions are designed, implemented, reflected upon and re-designed in an iterative process until a satisfactory end point is reached. This approach intersects beautifully with sustainable education goals which empowers learners to change the way they think and work toward a sustainable future. The third element, digital storytelling, brings ideas to life by creatively engaging students in meaning making and dynamic communication of their thinking to the public. Each creator's voice, through digital storytelling, is heard and honored.