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A project about education for sustainable development & didactical guidelines for teachers

Online learning platform fully available from March 2023

Already take a look at the country specific learning platforms in the navigation bar

The framework

The Digital Destiny Pedagogical Framework provides a structure by which teachers can integrate societal issues (sustainable development goals) into their existing curriculum, employing highly engaging pedagogical methods and blended learning as appropriate.  

This framework offers a set of principles which will support teachers in thinking about, developing and creating thoughtful and carefully designed learning experiences for their students in open and safe classroom environments where all voices are heard. 

Digital Destiny introduces a set of learning tools and methods to use with students in a blended learning environment offering a seamless connection between school and home.

Finally, Digital Destiny created a digital learning platform that both supplements and extends on this framework by bridging theory and practice through professional development training materials and educational tools to be used for children 6-10 years old, with special attention to the opportunities of blended learning.  

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