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A project about education for sustainable development & didactical guidelines for teachers

Online learning platform fully available from March 2023

The online learning platform

Welcome to Digital Destiny, the online learning platform for primary school teachers. Our online learning platform focuses on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and blended learning, providing teachers with the tools they need to work with their students, aged 6 to 10 years.


Digital Destiny provides a rich and diverse range of educational content, including a theoretical framework with five principles, explanatory videos on the Digital Destiny principles, reflective exercises and working materials to get to work in your classroom. They all focus on promoting ESD where blended learning is incorporated.


Digital Destiny wants to make you as a teacher an advocate in your school about working on ESD and blended learning. Whether you're an experienced teacher or just starting out, Digital Destiny can help your journey towards working on ESD in the classroom. So why wait? Click on your country and start your journey towards a more sustainable and inclusive future!

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