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Stimulate learning through evaluation and reflection  

Evaluative and reflective thinking processes are an essential aspect of education, both for the learners and the educators. By incorporating these processes in daily classroom practice, educators and learners learn to both model and internalize them so that they become life-long learning practices, rooted in careful consideration of both the processes and the outcomes of a given task.   

Learning through reflection and evaluation requires activities that are explicit in their learning outcomes and the methods they will use to reflect upon and evaluate the learning and the process. They also create multiple and diverse opportunities for learners to reflect, not only on their learning process, individually and in groups, but also on societal issues.  

This video explores what learning through evaluation and interaction means and how you can implement it during your lessons. 

Student goals

Students will learn to: 

  • evaluate their own and each other's learning process by means of tools and/or purposeful questioning.  

  • formulate actions, improving their learning process.  

  • evaluate process-related outcomes (such as thinking processes) independently from content-related outcomes  

  • engage in evaluative processes 

  • valorise evaluation explicitly and independently from expected content-related outcomes

Test yourself as a teacher

  • When would you use a reflective practice? 

  • When would you use an evaluative practice? 

  • How do these practices help students internalize their learning? 

Reflective questions

  • What reflective practices are part of my personal professional practice? 

  • Which, if any, reflective and evaluative practices do I already use in my classroom? 

  • How do I feel about incorporating more of these practices into my classroom? 

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