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Stimulate learning through stimulating meaningful learning through structured processes 

Meaningful learning is about acquiring new knowledge and understanding it deeply so that it can be connected to previous experiences and existing knowledge. This way it can be interpreted and applied easily, and also recalled in multiple ways, based on the context of recall. A real-world example of a learned concept is an instance of meaningful learning, showing how the concept is applied in real life. Meaningful learning enhances further learning, as the relation of a concept to a real-world situation encourages the learner to continue learning and engage in active learning.


Using structured processes in the classroom, such as storytelling, design thinking and project-based learning provide the structure your students need to learn deeply about a relevant issue and allow them to see the relevance by applying their learning to a real-world context. Although it takes longer than learning which relies on memorizing information, it is typically retained for a longer period of time and can be recalled and applied in new contexts more easily. 

This video explores what learning through structured processes means and how you can implement it in your classroom. 

Student goals

Students will learn to: 

  • learn through reflection and build up their confidence  

  • use key thinking competences 

  • visualize and share their thinking 

  • carefully listening to the opinions of others 

  • learn collaboratively 

  • develop personal thinking and learning strategies through connections to personal experiences  

  • gain a deeper understanding of real-world issues 

  • problem-solve creatively

Test yourself as a teacher

  • How are Digital Storytelling and Design Thinking connected? 

  • What makes learning meaningful? 

Reflective questions

  • Can you pick up any story and name 3 SDGs that can be worked on with through the story? 

  • How often do you integrate real-life problems in your teaching?  

  • Which parts of the curriculum do you think are easier to treat through real-life problem solving which are connected to any of the SDGs?  

Lesson materials & more

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Get to work in the classroom

The story as a concept

Problem statement

The problem tree

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blended learning tools?

Guidelines: complete example

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